WaspKill UK Pest Control

WaspKill UK Pest Control

Cribbs Farm House, Cribbs Lane, Bristol, Avon, BS40 5RJ [ Map ]

Tel: 07427 626686 | Email: Click here | Web: https://pestbristol.co.uk


Sustainable Pest Control. Greening Integrated Pest Management.

We offer local pest control and exclusion services to homes and businesses across the Bristol area. Inspections and treatments provide you with great flexibility for a pest programme tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide advice on humane control and environmental control of pests. Poisons and pesticides have their place, but exclusion and environmental control often provide a safer and more sustainable pest control alternative.

Pest Control Bristol because whatever the pest, whatever the problem we can help you.

Call today on 07427 626686.

Hours of Business

24 Hours - 7 Days

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