Counselling in Bristol

Counselling in Bristol

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Short-term and long-term counselling and CBT therapy in Bristol. Miro Cansky is an experienced and skilled counsellor assisting clients to feel in control of their emotions and thoughts in order to overcome depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health difficulties.

The focus of the sessions is on creating a strong therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist. When clients feel safe and comfortable, they are more likely to try out new ways of thinking and behaving. The emphasis is on reducing the unpleasant symptoms associated with emotional and mental stress and then exploring the underlying issues.

For the majority of people, emotional and mental pain stems from challenging relationships and the consequent difficulty to create and sustain fulfilling bonds with others. In the same way, cultivating nourishing relationships in which we feel truly understood and which allow us to be authentic leads to an increased level of wellbeing. This is the reason why the counselling work focuses on creating a supportive therapeutic alliance where the client feels ‘held’ but not trapped, noticed but not scrutinised. In this non-judgmental, open space the mind can settle and the heart can open, so that transformation is possible.

Some counsellors prefer remaining quiet for most of the sessions, while occasionally reflecting on what the client says and communicating empathy through their body language and facial expressions. Even though this style can be extremely valuable, there are times when the situation calls for a more proactive mode of operating, in which both the client and the counsellor discuss issues, share views and compare observations. This atmosphere of mutuality, where both the client and the therapist actively participate in the therapeutic process, often helps clients to feel less self-conscious and isolated, and it allows them to get the know the counsellor’s ways of thinking and perceiving, rather than having to guess what is happening for the counsellor.

The conceptual, thinking mind is a wonderful tool as it can help people to understand the source of their difficulties, gain a new perspective and see clearly which habits to let go of and which new habits to develop. If all the therapeutic work is done only on the intellectual level, however, the value of therapy can be diminished. By inviting the client to gradually tune into their bodily sensations, they gain access to a whole range of valuable information (this can be described as somatic knowing). Our bodies have their own wisdom and when we start listening to the silent language of sensations, we gain more insight and our ability to respond authentically grows. As a therapist, Miro Cansky might invite clients to gradually shift their attention to their bodies and use their soma as a wellspring of inner knowing and a place of comfort and ease of being.


The fee is £50 for each 60 minutes session. Payment is made at the end of each session by cash or cheque or in advance via bank transfer. We do not have facility to take credit/debit cards on site.

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Monday to Thursday: 9am to 7pm, Friday 9am to 5pm

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