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Internet Fundraisers Urgently Needed!

We are proud to announce that in October we will be launching our website. It will initially be supporting a charity which has worked tirelessly in helping victims of Pancreatic Cancer and giving support to their loved ones since 1997.

Our website will be community based and is geared to handling 3,000,000 transactions per month from its launch date; with the potential of doubling every six weeks. One of the reasons we chose the software writers was because amongst their portfolios are 'Virgin'. They handle their back office.

The website is user friendly and will provide those who participate with their own back office 'My Account'. You will be able to track the progress of your introductions and those they have introduced for two generations.

It will have a section 'About Us' providing everything you and those you introduce, need to know about us as a fundraising organization. It will be presented in a transparent manner and in a way which can be understood by everyone.

There will be a tab explaining 'How it ( the concept ) works' When it was presented to Solicitors who specialize in 'Charity Law' they could not believe that this simple concept was not already in circulation.

There will be a section called 'Charities' This section is for Charities who wish to register with our system. Once they qualify and come on to our site, all funds will go directly from donor to charity.

While participants will be promoting the the charity supporting sufferers of Pancreatic Cancer they will also be able to nominate other charities close to their own heart and based on public demand which will come online.

There will be a further section 'Gift Aid' which will explain how your donations can go further. Often charities miss out on reclaiming tax from the Inland Revenue because it's too expensive to process the paperwork on small donations. As fundraisers we have solved the problem.

Then we have 'FAQ's' providing answers to all those logical questions you and others will no doubt ask and if that were not enough, there is also a letter from a highly respectable firm of UK Solicitors endorsing and rubber stamping the company and the concept as ethical.

Finally the site will have 'Help' ; 'Privacy' and 'Contact' details. This website is history in the making and a concept you will be proud to be associated with and all because of the initiative taken in responding to a small insignificant ad online.

Work at home or anywhere you have internet access. Experience not neccesary but a keen interest in social networking (online/offline) and a desire to make a difference is a must.

To participate contact Marc at

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Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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